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The sessions will be held in english unless there is only german participants

Saturday 8th of December 11am to 1pm

Saturday 15th of December 11am to 1pm

Berlin Kreuzberg, Falckensteinstr. 46 – 4th floor – Praxis

Lets come together for two wonderful juice filled Yogapractices in the month of December

There will be two 2 hour long journeys

On Saturday December the 8th we will start to deeply connect to our bodies and find safety in the moment with „move at the speed of trust“ and on Saturday the 15th we will dive deeper into the unknown with „All progress takes place outside the comfort zone“

You are warmly invited to book the two sessions or only one, as you wish

The single 2 hour journey is 22 Euros
the price for both sessions is 40 Euros.

Somatic Yogaflow

Somatic Yogaflow combines a gentle loving restorative Vinyasa practice as well as Postures we will hold a while to dive deeper into challenging powerful sensations which get revealed when we are challenged out of our Comfort Zone. Everything is connected. As well the systems in our bodies. Moving your little toe is informing all the other cells in your body. When we practise Asana we often conduct the movements from the big muscles and orientate ourselves on how the outer form of the Asana should look like. When we do that, we dismiss physical and energetic states of our bodies, which often long for our attention. In our everyday life our senses are most of the time more orientated towards the outside, rather then connected to our inner rhythms. In Somatic Yogaflow we will awake the inner senses and learn to connect with the amazing intelligence of our body minds.

We learn to reconnect to the state of being and give ourselves permission to dive into our sensous world and receive the pleasure of it. In the practice of Somatic Yogaflow we open the space to dive into our internal mysteries and sensations and connected from this place we can make our practise a more intimate and individual experience.

We use Somatic Practices (like Feldenkrais and Continuum Movement) to reconnect to the basic ability of the body to move and be in the most effective and light form. We use Intention setting to make our practice even more powerful and directed. To dive even deeper into our bodyminds we will use shamanic practices, like drumming to reclaim parts of our bodies, which we lost. Somatic Yogaflow is created to feel alive and present and develop the capacity to listen to your body. You start to really feel the Asanas and fill them up with yourself, rather then pressing yourself in a form.

Eintrittspreise & Tickets
22,00 €